About Us

Qudah Law Firm is a leading Jordanian law firm, operating out of the capital Amman and specialized in international and domestic corporate and commercial law and related areas.

One potential challenge to conducting international business is the crossing of borders and cultures. Local laws, traditions and language can be daunting for even the most well-travelled and experienced businessman, whether one is in the east looking west or vice versa. To help clients to address these issues, Qudah Law Firm provides the services of a team of lawyers who are educated and qualified to practice in Jordan with a well established knowledge of other Middle East jurisdictions, and solid experience in representing Jordanian, Middle Eastern, European and North American clients.

The team consists of members experienced in many different cultures and contains individuals fluent in a number of languages, including Arabic and English. These cross-cultural skills, integrated with the Firm’s professional abilities, enable Qudah Law Firm to provide highly effective legal services and advice to its clients.

The Firm’s practice and reputation have grown due to its practical and transparent approach to business. Qudah Law Firm strives to offer each client, in a timely fashion, the most effective and appropriate legal advice, taking into account relevant commercial factors. The objective is to achieve the results sought by each client while uncompromisingly observing the highest standards of integrity.


One of the Firm’s greatest strengths is its commitment to three essential values that are fundamental to achieving, providing and maintaining the highest standard of legal services. These values set the atmosphere and the tone in our relations with clients, courts, and other institutions. We believe that these values are the key to the reputation our Firm enjoys among its clients and within the legal and business community.

  • The Interests of Our Clients Come First

  • Qudah Law Firm team is client focused. We understand that our job is to identify, understand and manage the legal risks facing our clients, to protect their interests, and to enhance their competitiveness. Our lawyers are dedicated to achieving our clients’ objectives.

  • Our Integrity Is Uncompromised

  • Each member of the Qudah Law Firm team is committed at all times to maintaining the highest standards of integrity. Client information is kept in the strictest confidence and conflicts of interest are carefully avoided. When Qudah Law Firm is engaged, the client can be assured that the Firm will work only in the client’s best interests.

  • We Recognize That We Are Providing A Service

  • Our objective is to provide a high quality legal services that ensures the satisfaction of our clients. Lawyers at Qudah Law Firm expend the time and energy required fully to understand the needs of each client, to identify the relevant issues, and to keep the client informed about the status of the matters entrusted to the Firm. Excellent legal service, however, goes beyond reaction and requires a proactive approach. As lawyers, we continue to be fully informed of legal, political, and business developments throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the region.

Quality Legal Services

Qudah Law Firm prides itself on providing quality legal services to its clients. We achieve this through a combination of talent, experience, commitment and hard work. To deliver a consistently high standard of service, lawyers must understand business. To facilitate this, our lawyers stay in close touch with, and help to shape, corporate, commercial, and industry trends. A number have served as executives of substantial businesses. The advantage to a client is two-fold. Firstly, we understand the challenges, constraints and potential problems faced by business. The legal objectives and interests of a business are best addressed by a lawyer who can comprehend them from both commercial and legal perspectives. This level of awareness augments the Firm’s ability to develop creative solutions to problems, thus saving the client time and money, ensuring protection of the client’s interests and achieving commercial advantage. Secondly, we understand the need for us, in common with our clients, to provide a top quality product at a reasonable cost. Appreciating this necessity, Qudah Law Firm employs the strategies of efficiency applied by other well-run businesses. Our Firm adopts best practices in management of its internal affairs and the assignment of clients. We are constantly upgrading our technological resources in order to improve our ability to respond to client needs. Our satisfied and longstanding clients are testimony to our success in that endeavor. As a recognition of the Quality Legal Services, Qudah Law Firm has been ranked by the Legal 500 on tier 3 for Commercial, Corporate and M& A transactions. The Firm has also been named as the Leading Dispute Resolution Practitioner of the Year 2018, Jordan by the Acquisition International. In 2017 the Firm has received the Award for Excellence in Corporate Affairs, MEA Legal Awards.


To better serve our clients, both in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and internationally, Qudah Law Firm maintains cooperative relationships with highly respected legal practices throughout the world. This network extends the Firm’s effective reach across the globe and enables us to provide a comprehensive and effective service to regional clients doing business internationally.

In support of the innovative projects of its clients, our Firm can access a select pool of distinguished lawyers with experience in various specialized fields of law. Similarly, substantial legal resources can be rapidly mobilized to address the requirements for implementation of large and sophisticated projects on an accelerated timetable.

The Firm recognizes that a client’s needs may at times transcend purely legal considerations and that the client would be best served by an integrated consulting package of legal, financial and other professional advice. Accordingly, Qudah Law Firm has developed long-standing working relationships with a number of prestigious and specialized international consulting concerns. If required, we can coordinate legal, financial, quantity surveying, engineering, management and other technical expertise from around the world. The Firm’s clients greatly benefit from these associations.