our Partners

Dr.Mufleh A. El-Qudah

Founding Partner

Mohammad Mufleh El-Qudah

Managing Partner

Bassam Al Abdallat

Partner in the Corporate Practice Group
Partner in the Corporate Practice Group. Has particular expertise in corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, company set-ups, banking and finance, Islamic Insurance, energy and infrastructure, private equity, corporate governance, drafting of policy documents as well as private equity transactions. Mr. Al Abdallat is currently a member of the Jordanian Bar Association. He holds a Master’s degree from Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies 2011, Amman, Jordan and a Bachelor Degree in Law (LLB) from Applied Science Private University 2008, Amman, Jordan.

our Attorneys

Osama Sous

Senior Legal Consultant / HR Expert
Osama has extensive experience in managing and developing human resources and labor relations, collective bargaining, international labor standards and governance and compliance. Also, he has ample experience in labor and employment policies, performance management, compensation and benefits, employment equality, and diversity and inclusion practices. Osama worked with global and regional companies in several countries in the Middle East, Africa and the Arab Gulf. Osama holds a Bachelor degree in Law, 1997, and Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management from Cambridge International College, 2010. Also, Osama holds an Executive MBA from ESADE Business and Law School, Barcelona 2012. He is an Association Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 2014, Holding CIPD Diploma Level 5.

Abdallah Hussein Al Louzi

Senior Legal Consultant
Legal Consultant in the Corporate Practice Group. Has experience in regulatory matters, business incorporation and licensing, liquidation, shares transfer, commercial agencies, issues of shares, and shareholder agreements. Abdallah is a member of the Jordanian Bar Association, 2017. He holds a Master Degree in International Commercial Law from Kingston University, London, 2015 and a Bachelor Degree in Law (LLB) from the University of Jordan, 2013.

Tala Al-Hyasat

Senior Legal Consultant
Legal Consultant in the Litigation Practice Group. Has experience in pleading before the courts in commercial and civil claims. Member of the Jordan Bar Association. Graduated from the University of Jordan, 2017.

Anas Abdul Alhameed Al-Qudah

Legal Consultant
Legal Consultant in the Firm's High-Tech team. Anas provides tech firms of all sizes and fields, FinTech, RegTech, WealthTech, InsurTech and other related clients with cost-effective and result-oriented counsel in order to optimally position them for long-term growth and to ensure that day-to-day operations are in line with the admissible tactics of strategic management of Tech firms. Anas was assigned to the national committee for preparing a National Code of Artificial Intelligence Ethics by the Minister of the Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, which is a committee concerned with codifying the principles and values to be followed in designing, training and operating artificial intelligence systems. Anas is an alumnus of Reading University (LLM), 2020 UK, and obtained the First Class Honours. During his studies, Anas presented numerous academic research on some of the contemporary issues in legal aspects of some applications under the EU and the UK policies, including the liability for detriments ensued from algorithmic malfunctions, the role of artificial intelligence in achieving clarity on market data and legislation in investment decision-making, the effectiveness of robotic judge as practical solution to the crisis of the legitimacy of international investment arbitration, as well as the difference between cybersecurity and cybercrime.

Aon Mohammad Al Qudah

Legal Consultant
Aon, a legal counsel with experience in litigation and pleading before courts, he has developed specialized skills in representing clients in legal disputes. This includes preparing legal documents, such as complaints and motions, and presenting arguments before courts. Having a master's degree in private law from Mu'tah University means that he has a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework that governs private relationships between individuals and organizations. This includes contracts, property law, and labor law, among other areas. With this background, he can provide expert guidance to clients on the best course of action in a legal dispute, including strategies for negotiating settlements or pursuing litigation.

Heba Issam Al-Dhmour

Trainee Lawyer
Trainee Lawyer in the Corporate Practice Sector. Has experience in regulatory matters, business incorporation and licensing, commercial agencies, and drafting of Agreements. Heba is a member of the Jordanian Bar Association since 2022, and a member of the Supreme Judge Department since 2022. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law from Applied Science University in 2021, and she obtained the shield of participation in the moot court. Heba has certificates in many legal and commercial courses, including workshops in the field of arbitration, and she is a certified researcher in the United Kingdom in the use of legal databases.

Mohammad Ghazi Abu Orabi

Trainee Lawyer
Mohammad joined our firm as a trainee in November 2022 In 2020 Mohammad finished his bachelor’s degree in Law from The University of Jordan – Amman, Jordan later in 2021 he completed his LLM in International Commercial law and Business from the University of East Anglia – Norwich, England. As a bilingual and bicultural trainee educated in both the UK and Jordan, he has honed legal skills and knowledge to handle both Commercial and Litigation matters.

Nour Jamal Saadeh

Trainee Lawyer
Nour Saadeh, a highly motivated legal trainee at Qudah Law Firm LLP. Nour graduated from Petra University in 2020 and has been a valued member of our team since then. With an unwavering passion for the law, Nour prioritizes staying up-to-date on the latest legal trends and developments. In her role as a legal trainee, Nour is committed to acquiring an in-depth understanding of the law and its practical applications. She conducts meticulous research and analysis to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality legal advice and representation. She also works on obtaining a license for pleading before Sharia courts in Jordan.

our Support Team

Mofleh Raed Al Qudah

Chief Accountant / Office Admin
Mofleh is an exceptional accountant who passed the U.S. CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exams and possesses an extensive knowledge base in various areas. With a deep understanding of both US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), Mofleh is adept at navigating complex accounting frameworks and ensuring financial statements are prepared in accordance with the relevant standards.
In addition to his accounting expertise, Mofleh also possesses a comprehensive understanding of business law, enabling him to ensure compliance with regulations. He can provide valuable advice on accounting matters and regulatory requirements.
Furthermore, Mofleh has a strong grasp of payroll services, allowing him to efficiently manage payroll processes, handle tax withholdings, and ensure accurate compensation for employees. His knowledge in HR concepts empowers him to address various human resources-related matters, including recruitment, employee benefits, performance management, and compliance with employment laws.
Mofleh's diverse skill set, including his extensive knowledge of US GAAP, IFRS, business law, payroll services, and HR concepts, makes him a trusted and reliable resource for businesses seeking comprehensive financial management. With his expertise, Mofleh helps organizations maintain accurate financial records, adhere to legal requirements, effectively manage their workforce, and make informed business decisions.

Mohammad Hassan Dabous

legal researcher
Legal Researcher. Has a Bachelor Degree in Law. Mohammad has many legal and shari' researches such as women's financial rights in marriage contract and maintenance in Fiqeh and Family Law. He participated in many civil and shari'a arbitration courses.

Shorouq Abualouf

Receptionist, BA in management administration from Al Albayt University in 2017.